About The Veronen Family

It all began March 26th, 1946, when Bill Veronen pursued his dream of owning a hunting and fishing resort. He purchased the old Reese place for $3,500. Lakeshore was not a good investment at that time, so no bank would give him a commercial loan. Bill arranged a loan from a man that had just returned from WWII. He contacted Gertie, who was working in Milwaukee at the time, and told her to quit her job and join him at the 9 acre property with approximately 1,000 feet of lakefront, 2 1/2 cabins and an old house. As they drove to the resort, they got stuck in the March mud and walked the last mile in. Gertie was dressed in her pink dress, fur coat, white gloves and saddle shoes. Nothing would stop these two ambitious people. There was no electricity, they used wood and kerosene to generate cooking, heat and lights.

Bill and Gertie created an incredible legacy on a lake beyond Wobegon, where the women are strong; the men are good looking and the children are well above average. Their dream lives on in their five children (Lois, Nancy, Judith, Rick and Mark), various in-laws (the delightful, energetic Donna Waliczek – wife of Mark, and Commander John Holzworth – husband to Judith), outlaws (Joe Bell), the Veronen grandchildren (Tom, Luke, Mitchell, Nick, Will, Helen and Bergen), people from up and down the lake, dear friends, campers and vacationers.

Interesting Milestones & Lake History

  1. Lodge completed in 1983 (Old House was the office until then).
  2. Bad Medicine Lake, 665 acres, lies entirely within the boundaries of the White Earth Indian Reservation in Becker County, just east of the Laurentian Divide, which separates the Hudson Bay and Mississippi.
  3. To the Objibway, Bad Medicine Lake was known as a “Gawimbadjiwegamag”or lake-lying-in-a-mountain-depression, a name descriptive of its high, rocky shoreline. However, there are also stories of serpentine wild fish and monster pike, as well as legends of evil spirits or “bad medicine” associated with the lake.
  4. In 1949, Gertie caught a 19 pound, 6 ounce Northern Pike; the Minneapolis Tribune names the Minnesota Champion Woman Angler.
  5. In the 1950’s and 60’s, the Hamm’s Beer commercials featured a beautiful lake that matched their slogan, “From the Land of Sky Blue Waters”. Yes, it was Bad Medicine Lake.
  6. During the 1960’s, Field and Stream magazine listed Bad Medicine as one of the top bass lakes in the country.
  7. In the late part of the 1960’s and 1970’s, there was an increase in the crayfish population.
  8. In 1977, the MN DNR put in the first Rainbow Trout, 6,900 yearlings.
  9. In 1981, Oscar Peacock caught the 8 pound, 2 ounce Rainbow Trout hanging in the lodge.
  10. In 1994, Brenda Passow of Pomeray, Iowa, caught the “lunker” Walleye, weighing more than 17 pounds which just missed the state record by a few ounces.
  11. In 2002, Travis Caspers caught a 22 pound, 14 ounce Northern Pike.
  12. Pot-luck suppers began at Veronen’s Resort in the early 1950’s with the fish fries, friendships forming, hushpuppies and people coming together.

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